We are conducting a consultation on the some of the things that the community have suggested to go into Northbrook Park, if you wish to see idea's of what these may look like please go to the pictures section and have a look at the photo album before voting or alternatively visit our facebook page - NORTHBROOK PARK COMMUNITY GROUP and you can also see them on there. Thanks and happy voting!

It was suggested the following items in the following areas:

1.Multi sports court - where the old basketball court is now on the hard standing tarmac.

2. Shelter - undecided where but needs to be where the children are playing so if parents are sitting in there they can watch their children

3. Forest school area, the idea for this one is right over the back on the left hand side corner where the tall trees are coming out of the grass area and it would be made to be more like forest school with mini beast area and digging area - a place for all to explore!

4. Sensory Garden / Wildlife Area - There has been suggestions that the old play area which has been left to overgrow shoud be put to some use, although kept a reasonably quiet area, a place for your senses in the sensory garden and also a place to attract wildlife to the park, a proffessional landscaper would be required for this.

5. Pavillion - It has been suggested that we are in need of toiletsback in the park, a small cafe kiosk to get the odd drink / snack and changing rooms for the football teams especially the girls team that we have lost due to the lack of faciliites. This pavillion would also have an office for a park keeper should we be lucky enough to acquire one! We have not thought about he possible places for this yet.

6. This is not on the survey but please contact me with your thoughts, a drinking water fountain, everyone gets thirsty when they are exercising / playing or when it is hot, water is already run into the park and just needs reconnecting and the fountain put in - what is everyones thoughts on this i am keen for you to let me know.

7. One last thing, did you know we have a gift from Lord Northbrook in our park, the site of Northbrook Park was  a field known as the Ten-Acre field, although in fact it was nearer nine acres. The field formed part of the baring estates in Lee, and in 1898 Lord Northbrook offered to present it for public use, in commemoration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. A Sundial marks Lord Northbrook's Gift.  Have you seen that Sundial, no neither have i, the brown piece of concrete where it use to lay on looks like it has been beaten and battered, would you like to see that piece of heritage restored back to how it should be? with a plaque detailing the history so all can learn a bit about our park.  Contact me with your thoughts please. Thanks, Michelle